Our corner Brute Force Brackets are designed for inside corners. They have steel only on one side, so that exterior horizontal framing abuts the post directly. Right hand brackets are determined from the perspective of facing the center roof-line ridge. The steel will be on the right and the exterior framing on the left. See the ordering guide diagram for a visual diagram. Brute Force Brackets are made of ¼ inch tempered steel. They have 16-18” 40 grade rebar anchors welded on 2-3” bottom spurs making our brackets some of the most robust brackets you can buy. Together with our Easy Clip system, they are also the easiest to install. The brackets have 4.5 inch openings to accommodate triple 2x6 posts. Custom sizes available by special order.  They have an opening on the base that allows an additional piece of rebar to be inserted for additional pier strength. With our brackets walls can be assembled on the ground and lifted into position like standard framing, no more building on ladders, a huge time and safety advantage. In the end our brackets save time and extend the life of your building by decades over the post in the ground method. Our bracket technology is so superior that it is patented. Comes with two 3.5” lag bolts and two 2” temporary positioning lag bolts.


Corner forms

Corner forms are designed to fit in inside corner locations, use standard forms for outside corners . The corner form installs easily by screwing into the inside corner of two splash boards. Made of resilient polypropylene . CPS forms are designed to fit on top of an 12” Sonotube. They can be reused if carefully removed or they can be merely used once and disposed of. No more building and staking forms for the pier. They save time and are simple to install with 4 screws.


Easy Clip

The Easy Clip System is designed to work with our Brute Force Brackets . They are installed with two small screws and three anchor bolts (included) designed to bind the splashboard to the pier. The tab welded to the Bracket slides into the opening while concrete is wet. It holds the Bracket perfectly positioned and level. It is saves aggravation and tons of time, making our system one of the fastest installs.


Please see the ordering guide for more information. 

18" Right Bracket Corner Kit