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Why build a pole barn? Or, Why post frame construction is better

This article is referencing our sister company, CPS Buildings. Read on if you want to discover the advantages of the complete CPS System as a contractor.

If you want to build a house, commercial building, garage, “shouse” shed house, equestrian building, event venue or just your dream barn, you have several construction options. Two of the most common construction methods are stick-built construction (also known as “stud wall” construction) and post frame construction (often called “pole barn” construction). Building a pole barn is very different than stick-built construction and offers several advantages. The CPS Post Frame Building system also offers some distinct competitive advantages for contractors over traditional post frame building techniques.

How Stick Buildings and Pole Barns Are Constructed

Stick building is a method in which a structure is assembled on-site from individual pieces of lumber. The frames of this type of construction are often built over a basement or crawl space, and because of this, require a continuous concrete foundation support, resulting in significantly higher foundation costs.

Alternatively, post-frame buildings, or pole barns, have wood posts for the main vertical framing element. These posts are buried 4 to 6 feet deep to provide support for the building. A concrete slab can be added (and usually is) at a fraction of the cost of a full continuous foundation or basement and is not necessary. Although it is possible to simply bury these posts in the ground, CPS Buildings has developed a proprietary building system using concrete piers and steel brackets that increase strength and longevity of every building you build.

Why post frame construction is better

A Pole Barn Can Cost Less Than a Stick-Built Structure

Building a pole barn can cost significantly less than constructing a stick-built structure. Creating a foundation can run 10- 15 percent of the cost of constructing a single-story building. A pole barn uses posts to support the weight of the walls and the roof.The walls in a pole barn are not load-bearing because the posts support the weight of the building. This reduces framing costs.

A Pole Barn Can Be Easier to Build

If the building is to be constructed on land that is not flat, problems may arise. To construct a building with a conventional foundation, it will probably be necessary to move soil and level the site. A pole barn can be built on a non-level site without the need for extensive site preparation because you’re not pouring a continuous foundation. You can add interior gravel and do a final grade after the building is completed. Varying soil wall pressures can also be accommodated for in post frame building systems. In stick-built construction, these foundation factors can make for expensive excavation costs.

Energy-Efficient Pole Barns

Your energy savings are often significant compared to a stick-frame with studs 16” or 24” on-center. Post-frame building can be 8 feet or more on-center, allowing for large wall cavities. This creates more room for insulation to meet or exceed energy code requirements.

Greater Strength in Post Frame Construction

A traditional pole barn can stand up to severe weather that could damage or destroy a conventional building. Because solid posts are anchored at least 4 feet into the ground, post-frame buildings will transfer wind and snow loads directly into the soil through the poles, providing much greater wind resistance than stud wall buildings.

CPS: Faster, stronger, and smarter than traditional post frame construction methods

First, we use a belling auger designed by our sister company, Jess Tools, to create bell-shaped piers. Belled piers are three times wider at the bottom and provide superior protection from frost heaving, wind uplift, and more down force load bearing.

Second, we attach a steel bracket on a concrete pier poured into the belled pier hole. This provides a super strong pier, stronger than the wood post, and rot-free.

Third, the whole system takes less time to install while increasing the longevity and value of your building.

CPS Buildings System: Simply the Best

The CPS Buildings system has solved all the problems contractors face in pole barn and post frame construction. From foundation to framing, rely on us for all your pole barn kit needs.

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