Concrete Pier System uses a pier bracket placed over a hole filled with concrete. Once the concrete sets, the post-frame is bolted onto the brackets.

  • Concrete pier system utilizes a bracket that has an engineer’s stamp, assuring code compliance.
  • A commercial bracket that also carries an engineer’s stamp certifies that it can carry the moments and the forces of a 6 x 8” laminated column.
  • Concrete piers provide a neat, clean look on the inside, without columns being spliced and roof purlins run continuous end-to-end.
  • Piers are on grade, which allows prefabricated walls installed on the ground.
  • Builders can put trusses on end walls with door headers pre-installed, which saves labor

Set your company aside from your competitor by adding the Concrete Pier System to your post frame building package. It is a low cost permanent alternative to burying posts in the ground to rot away.

The Concrete Pier System is your first step in providing your customer with a low cost  but includes a  LIFETIME  of transferable warranty.

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